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To be eligible for endorsement by CraneSafe as a crane assessor each applicant must have completed formal training or gained practical experience in the areas below.

1.1 Formal Qualifications

1.1.1 Be a person qualified in one or more of the following vocations:

(a) Diesel Fitter or

(b) Motor Mechanic or

(c) Fitter and Machinist or

(d) Qualified Engineer or

(e) Another appropriate trade


1.1.2 Be employed in the crane industry for a minimum of five (5) years (an aggregate of 5 years is acceptable) in the servicing, maintenance, and repair of cranes.


All CraneSafe endorsed assessors shall be fully conversant with all sections of Australian Standards AS1418 and AS2550, which specifically relate to cranes.


All CraneSafe endorsed assessors must be fully conversant with their individual State WorkCover authority plant regulations and codes of practice.


4.1 Company Employed

4.1.1 When applying to be a CraneSafe endorsed crane assessor it must be clearly stated whether a company or partnership employs the assessor.

4.1.2 If 4.1.1 is applicable then the endorsement is made in dual names; the company and assessor.

4.1.3 If the assessor leaves the company for whatever reason, the CraneSafe endorsement is null and void from the separation date.

4.1.4 If a previously endorsed CraneSafe assessor leaves his employment but wishes to continue as an assessor then a fresh application needs to be furnished to CraneSafe.

4.2 Self Employed 

If the application is made in a person's own name, then the endorsement continues indefinitely subject to 12 monthly renewal fees and endorsement cancellation due to any indiscretions.


A minimum of two referees confirming the applicant is capable of performing the tasks of a CraneSafe assessor is required with each application.

6. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS (required at the time of endorsement)

6.1 CraneSafe endorsed assessors must have a minimum of $10,000,000 public liability insurance. 
6.2 CraneSafe endorsed assessors must have professional indemnity insurance to a minimum value of $1,000,000, or the value of the crane being inspected, whichever is greater. 


CraneSafe endorsed assessors shall indemnify CraneSafe and any other associated advisory groups for any damages arising from their own negligence, mistakes or omissions arising from any crane assessment.


In the opinion of CraneSafe, the applicant is a fit and proper person.


Any person or a director or senior officer of a company convicted of an offence under the Occupational Health and Safety Acts or associated regulations shall be ineligible for appointment as an assessor.


A person who is associated with the ongoing general repair and maintenance of a particular crane (whether direct or through a company associated with the assessors registration) is not eligible to assess that crane under this agreement. Refer clause 2.3 Choices of Qualified Assessors of the CraneSafe Australia - NSW CRANE ASSESSMENT PROGRAM; copy of which follows:

“Mobile crane owners or users can choose an Assessor from a list of CraneSafe endorsed assessors. CraneSafe will not recommend a particular assessor at any time. It is the intent of this agreement that no company should engage an assessor for the purposes of conducting crane assessments, who has a contract of employment with the principal company, a subsidiary company or another associated company which has common director(s).”

In addition, no assessor shall conduct assessments for any equipment distributor, whether new, used or rented, that they have any direct or indirect association with.


Assessors may be endorsed for one or more of the following categories, provided they produce evidence they are suitably qualified for that type of equipment: 

  • Rough Terrain Crane
  • Lattice Boom Truck Crane
  • Lattice Boom Crawler Crane
  • Hydraulic Truck Crane
  • Articulated Mobile Crane
  • All Terrain Crane
  • Hydraulic Boom Crawler Crane
  • Vehicle Loading Crane
  • Self Erecting Tower Crane
    (Pre_erection & Commissioning)
  • Hammerhead Tower Crane
    (Pre-Erection & Commissioning)
  • Luffing Jib Tower Crane
    (Pre-Erection & Commissioning)
  • Diesel Luffing Jib Tower Crane
    (Pre-Erection & Commissioning)
  • Self Erecting Tower Crane (Annual)
  • Hammerhead Tower Crane (Annual)
  • Luffing Jib Tower Crane (Annual)
  • Diesel Luffing Jib Tower Crane (Annual)
  • Telescopic Handler - Rigid Frame
  • Telescopic Handler - Rotating Frame
  • Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
  • Pole Handler Borer
  • Lattice Boom Crawler Piling Rig
  • Side Boom Pipe Layer
  • Drilling & Piling Rig
  • Reach Stacker Full Load
  • Overhead Travelling Bridge Crane

CraneSafe will provide each endorsed assessor with a certificate indicating the categories for which they are endorsed.

Assessors will not be agents of CraneSafe and will operate independently in their own right.