National Office
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As a continuous improvement measure and accountability for the inspection program, CraneSafe has developed a problem notification form.  Please download and fill out the form if you have been dissatisfied with a CraneSafe assessment or if you believe an assessor has breached the CraneSafe Assessor requirements.  

A receipt of your problem notification will be acknowleged. Once the problem notification has been investigated and any necessary remedial action taken, the complainant will be informed.

Attn: Brandon Hitch.  An appropriate course of action will be pursued to ensure CraneSafe program consistency and integrity will be upheld.  

Please note: If additional information is required by CraneSafe, a followup email or phone call maybe received.

Thank you for assisting in this regard.

Problem Notification Form - Click here to download

Attention: Brandon Hitch
PO Box 136